Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rainbows and the 1980s <3

Today is a good day for rainbows. Everyone in the Northern hemisphere is longing for the warm rays of summer I'm sure. Let's settle for a hot cup of coffee or tea in a

1980s Rainbow Coffee Mug by CryingCalypso

or a beautiful Rainbow and white woven clutch by jawaddel

..or a sprinkle of salt and pepper from Rainbow Birds S&P Shakers by jessjamesjake..

Let's just think rainbows, dangit!!!


  1. Yay, love this! I just did a rainbow-themed post on my blog a couple of weeks ago (needed some cheery colors on these gray winter days, ugh).

  2. Agh! Those salt and pepper shakers are AMAZING! Love this cute blog you've got here!