Monday, March 1, 2010

Mushy Mushrooms

For those that keep an eye on my etsy shop, you can probably tell that I have an obsession with mushrooms and fungi. Not only do I think they are super cute as decorations, but I really enjoy identifying species in the wild and photographing them.

For anyone interested in my nature photography, click on my photo on the right. :P It will link you to my deviantArt account! I personally love this one that I took last fall while hiking with my dear friend Pratima!
Sooo... I recently had an adventure with some pineapple infused rum, and decided it was a good idea to purchase this little teddy bear from LoRiLaTortuga on etsy. I named him Sammy Bearis Jr., and I'm quite happy I purchased him! He has little mushies on his tummy and ears!

So, you all know what's coming next--yet another big feature involving "fun guys" of all sorts!

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