Monday, February 1, 2010

Persephone Approaching

I decided to take a short break from doing Crying Calypso inventory (have a ton of new items to list tomorrow) and delve a little deeper into my studies. I'm currently taking a Greek mythology elective, and I'm having fun relearning the true Greek myths and their many interpretations.

One of my favourites has always been the story of Persephone (which is really relevant considering Spring is around the corner), Demeter, and Hades-- but my mental translation tends to differ much from many out there. I've always seen Persephone as this ever-changing, mercurial goddess--who had equal responsibility on Earth and in the Underworld--of Rebirth and of Death. I don't feel that her sudden capture was exactly unwelcomed--or that she wanted to live out Eternity making the world bloom and flourish--next to (and likely in the shadow of) her mother, Demeter. Like every woman, Persephone needed this time of reflection (and inflection)  and independence in the Underworld and gladly took on the role of Queen of the Underworld and consort to Hades. After all, what young woman does not dream of being swept away to adventure by a mysterious man on a chariot? Many would even daresay she fell madly in love with her captor (anyone know of the story of her jealous rage directed towards Menthe?).

So, I suppose what I'm trying to get at is that perhaps Persephone should not be immediately given the label of a victim. She achieves a perfect balance of of light and dark--of holding family close to one's heart but remaining independent--vengeance and mercy-- joy and sorrow--of having your cake and eating it too. Demeter could learn a lesson or two from her own daughter if she gave her a chance!


So here this is my Persephone Etsy Feature (I hope you all enjoy). See if you can pick out the symbols from the story (and if you haven't read the myth, you must!)


  1. I must go read the myth (I think I might have read it in high school--but have trouble remembering from that long ago)! My curiosity has been piqued! BTW The green dress is amazing!

  2. I am a devotee of Persephone and I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for this beautiful post and beautiful offerings.

  3. Wow. Thanks so much, Laura! I am following your blog now! I look forward to your future blogs!